On behalf of a director of Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute (LJI), I would like to express my gratitude thankful to you for having advised and assisted LJI, As you have known, LJI was established in 2001 and become Institute which has a position as same as a faculty to National University of Laos.
LJI has the specific roles to strengthen the Cooperation between Laos and Japan toward mutual understanding of both countries and supports the development of quality of Human Resource, especially business and its management. From its first start LJI have taken its action phase to phase with the main supports from JICA, Up to present, it reach phase-6 and many concretive results have achieved. Many cultural and academic exchanges and academic programs have been provided, Lao and Japanese language, short training programs, the activities for strengthening of business proficiency and Laos business networking through LJI SUSU sub-project, as well as MBA program which focused on not only the theory but the real/positive experience cases from Japan and the world, and may others which are instructed by qualified Japanese and Lao. We are doing our best to reach the goals, but we also would like to get the further cooperation and warm advice from you, Thank you.  


Chief Advisor

In the 20 years since LJI was established, we have steadily fulfilled our mission of "fostering business human resources" and "promoting exchange between Laos and Japan." We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people in Laos and Japan who have supported LJI's activities.
In terms of  JICA project, in addition to the traditional business courses, we launched an MBA program in 2008, a management development program ("Keieijuku") in 2017, and LJI SUSU (a project for the start-up and scale-up of Lao companies) in 2021. We have a system to support the diverse challenges of Lao companies. We will continue to make sincere efforts to provide high-quality services that satisfy the people of Laos and Japan.