Business Development Service

With the support of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), LJI provides business development services that are meant for Lao and foreign companies in Laos and supporting organizations which contribute to enhancing industrial growth in Laos. 


● Many services are provided by international lecturers who have actual business experiences. Therefore, all lecture contents include real business cases and exercises which participants can utilize for their businesses straight after lectures. 

● LJI also provides hands-on consultancy services to promote participants to apply their knowledge acquired from the lectures into their real business. Furthermore, business networking opportunities may be provided.

MBA Program

The Master’s degree program in business administration of LJI is a high-quality program designed to develop qualified human resources with a good balance between theoretical and practical knowledge of management. 

With the technical support of JICA and in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Management (FoEM), this program aims to develop competent professionals who will contribute to the development of market economy in the regional and global economic integration process, especially in the ASEAN region. 

The graduates of the program will have sufficient knowledge and skills necessary for successfully working in globalizing Laos and beyond.

Keieijuku Program

Keieijuku is a Japanese term which literary means management school designed exclusively for top management people to enhance their self-learning and development. The program offers 6 subjects (Business Strategy, Strategic Human Recourse Management, Marketing Strategy, Operational Management, Financial Management, Business Planning) and is designed for the executives such as CEOs who are willing to improve and grow their businesses.


Tailor-made Program

The program can be designed for specific target groups in the company – such as top management, managers, regular workers, and so on. Along with the contents, duration of the program can be also custom-made, though normally it is between 1-14 days.

Regular Program

This is the original program of LJI and we have over 20 years of experience.