Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

JLPT 2018

                                              The Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2018 
                                                       On Dec. 02, 2018 Sunday 12:00 pm 
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2018 will be held on Dec. 02, 2018 Sunday, Worldwide. It is conducted under the joint auspices of the Japan Foundation and Japan Education Exchanges and Services. In Laos, the Laos JLPT Administrative Committee is a local host. 

                                                                     Application form
Place: Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute, National University of Laos, Dongdok Campus Contact:    Tel:     +856-21-720156-7, +856-30-5210-746
                   Fax:   +856-21-770267 
                   Email: laosjlpt@gmail.com
Application Period: Jul. 09, Mon – Sep. 07, Fri. 2018 
Hours: 9:00 – 16:00
 Application form Fee: 10,000 kip 
                                                                    Overview of the Test 
Purpose: To evaluate and certify the Japanese Language proficiency of non-native persons 
Test Fee:             Level N1                           120,000 kip 
                            Level N2 and Level N3     100,000 kip 
                            Level N4 and Level N5     80,000 kip 
      The Test has 5 Levels. Please contact us at the above telephone number, to an email address, or visit us for further information on the Test. 
Cash payment only and an admission ticket and a copy of the application form are to be submitted to Lao-Japan Human Resource Development Institute, Japanese Course
 ※If you live far from Vientiane Capital and have difficulty in applying at LJI in person, please contact (above mentioned telephone number, email etc.) to consult about the way to apply.
 Announcement of Test Results:
 All examinees will receive their Test scores and successful examinees will receive their certificate of Proficiency. In Laos it is scheduled for February 2019.