About Lao PDR

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 Official Name: Lao People’s   Democratic Republic Government   Type: Communist State 
 Capital: Vientiane
 Population: 7019073 (July 2016)   Total Area: 236800 sq km 
 GDP : $15.90 Billion (2016)


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The ethnic makeup of Lao consists of 53.2% Lao, 11% Khmou, 9.2% Hmong, and countless other ethnic groups.
 The major religion in Laos is Theravada Buddhism much like its neighboring countries and thus many celebrations revolve around Buddhism. The biggest event is Lao New Years also known as Pi Mai which is held for three days during April, the start of the monsoon season (beginning April 13th or 14th and ending on the 15th or 16th). The first day of the celebration is considered the last day of the year where houses and villages are cleaned. It is a day of renewal that is symbolized by water where water is thrown on family, friends, and strangers to symbolize the washing away of sins committed in the last year. According to the Official Tourism page of Laos, in the recent years, water is shot through water guns or thrown from buckets which creates an unavoidable water fight nationwide.


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Lao PDR is a landlocked country bordering Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia. Its history can be traced back to the Kingdom of Lan Xang founded in the 14th century. In 1863 Laos was declared a protectorate of France and although there were many forces in Laos during the Second World War, it was not until October 1953 that Laos gained full autonomy as a constitutional monarchy. The current Pathet Lao government came into power in 1975 after the abdication of the king. Since the 1986 New Economic Mechanisms towards a market economy, Laos has been growing at a very fast pace where they have joined International Organizations such as the World Trade Organization and ASEAN economic community in the recent years.