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Num Photo Last Name First Name Group Position
1 KHANTIYAVONG Ms. Laddaphone LJ Institute Head of Training Unit
2 KHNGLALIAN Ms. Sengaloun LJ Institute Head of Course Management Unit
3 PHOUMALINNO Ms. Mathina LJ Institute Head of Training Management Unit
4 VILAYSOUK Ms. Khamphouy LJ Institute Head of E/A Unit
5 RAXAKOUL Ms. Souaychanta LJ Institute Head of Library Unit
6 SICHANTHONGTHIP Ms. Viengamphay LJ Institute Head of P/R Unit
7 XAYALATH Mr. Bounthong LJ Institute Head of IT Equipment Unit
8 BOUNMIXAY Ms. Phiewphaivanh LJ Institute Head of Accounting Unit
9 KHANTHAVONGXAY Ms. Monepheth LJ Institute Deputy Head of Japanese Division
10 SENGSOULIVONG Ms. Souksakhone LJ Institute Deputy Head of Administration Division
11 PHINSAVATH Ms. Southanom LJ Institute Deputy Director
12 KHANTHALY Ms. Bounsong LJ Institute Head of Exchange Activity & Information Division
13 PHANKHAM Mr. Somphone LJ Institute Head of Administration Division
14 PHETLAMPHANH Ms. Somchay LJ Institute Deputy Director
15 DOUANGNGEUNE Dr. Bounlouane LJ Institute Deputy Director
16 PHENGVONGSA Ms. Johnny LJ Institute Joint MBA Course Assistant
17 VONGSOUVAN Mr. Thongdam LJ Institute P/R Staff
18 Assoc. Prof. Aloun SILATTANAKOUN Assoc. Prof. Aloun SILATTANAKOUN LJ Institute Director

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