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Japanese Language Courses

The Japanese Language courses are implemented by the Japan Foundation (JF) in order to respond to the growing demand for Japanese Language education in Laos. The participants of these courses must be of high school age or older where they are taught practical conversational skills by foreign and domestically trained Japanese and Laotian teachers. Additionally, there are many opportunities for students to experience Japanese culture and learn behavioral patterns of Japanese people. Students also acquire discipline and a sense of responsibility due to factors other than the final exam that are taken into the grading such as attendance and assignments.

The Japanese Language Courses at LJI

1. Normal Course

Length: September to January or March to July

(1 Semester is 4.5 months or 18 weeks)

Weekday course: 3 times a week, 17:30 to 19:30, 450 000 Kip

Weekend course: 2 times a week, 9:00 to 11:00, 390 000 Kip


  • - B1, B2, B3 (First half of Beginner level)

Student will learn greetings, self-introduction, communication in familiar themes such as family and shopping, seasons of Japan, Society of Japan and be able to write about 100 Chinese characters.

  • - B4, B5, B6 (Second half of Beginner level)

Student will be able to express hobbies and interests, and articulate opinions and impressions. Student will also be able to speak politely or casually according to the circumstance and write around 300 Chinese characters.

  • - IN1 (Intermediate level)

Student will be able to organize sentence patterns learned in the beginner levels and extend their operational abilities. This level acts as preparation for IN2, thus reading and listening comprehension is improved. Student will be able to write 350 Chinese characters.

  • IN2 (Intermediate level)

Student will be able to talk about general social topics. Information can be obtained from reading and listening. Student will also be able to write 500 characters.

2. Short-Term Course

LJI offers a short term introductory course for Japanese beginners (weekdays, Saturday and Sunday). After completion of the introductory course, the student can transfer to a long-term course.

3. Special Courses

  • - Summer course

Targeting junior high and high school students, a Japanese language and Japanese culture experience course is offered during summer vacation.

  • - Corporate Lessons

Tailor-made Japanese courses are offered according to your requirements, such as budget and purpose.

Please inquire to the LJI Japanese Course (030-5210746) for the course status and its fees.



1. 通常コース




受講料:平日クラス;450,000 Kip、土日クラス;390,000 Kip


  • - B1、B2、B3 初級前半


  • - B4、B5、B6 初級後半


  • - In1 初中級


  • - In2 中級


2. 短期コース


3. 特別コース

  • - サマーコース


  • - 企業レッスン



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