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- Business Programs: The Laos-Japan Institute (LJI) offers business management courses such as the Practical Business course, 
Tailor-made course and the Customized course. A 2-year MBA program also started in 2008 as a joint effort between LJI and the Faculty of  Economics and Business Management at the National University of Laos. Both the business courses and the MBA program aims to  strengthen the management capacity of Lao business people in order to improve competitiveness of the Lao economy in the ASEAN  Economic community and around the globe.

- Japanese Course: The Japanese Language Program at LJI is aimed at developing human resources to be a bridge between Laos and Japan through Japanese language and culture. After three years of studying the basic course, students are expected to be able to communicate in daily conversation and pass level N4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Moreover, upon completion of the intermediate course, students will have the ability to pass level N3.
- 日本語教育の普及LJIでは、日本語コースを通じて、日本語と日本文化を媒介に、ラオスと日本の架け橋となる人材の育成を目指しています。3年間の初級クラス(B1-B6)を修了した時点で、日常会話ができるようになり、日本語能力試験のN4レベルの能力を身につけることができます。また、中級クラス(In1-In2)を修了した時点で、日本語能力試験のN3レベルの能力を身につけることができます

- Cultural Exchange Activities: Laos-Japan Institute regularly organizes various exchange activities to promote mutual understanding and strengthen the relationships between Lao and Japanese people.
- 文化・相互交流の促進:LJIでは、日本とラオスの相互理解の拠点となることを目指し、LJIでの季節のイベント開催や高校への出張授業など、様々な文化・交流の機会を提供しています。
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