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Official Name: N/A

Government Type: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Capital: Tokyo

Population: 126 702 133 (July 2016)

Total Area: 377 915 sq km

GDP: $4.94 Trillion (2016)


Brief History

Japan is an island country with 5 main divisions of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa. Japanese history dates back more than 100, 000 years with multiple different periods or eras. One of the most characteristic era’s is the Edo era, (1603 to 1867) when the nation's dominance system was taken by samurai. In the 17th century, a foreign policy called restrictive policy (sakoku seisaku in Japanese), which placed extensive restrictions on foreign trade and immigration was implemented by the ruling party. This impacted and shaped the future of Japan greatly. It was not until the arrival of Perry in the mid 1800’s that Japan would open up to trade with the western world once again. In the last century, Japan also participated in two world wars and during the Second World War, the drop of the atomic bomb on two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki marked the end of the Pacific War. Since then, Japan has seen rapid economic growth and has become the third largest economy in the world. Internationally, Japan has also been involved in different organizations, and as a developed nation, the country has implemented projects and donated large amounts of financial aid to support the development of other nations.

The Japanese Language known as Nihongo is the national language of Japan. It has had great influence from China, using similar characters (albeit with different pronunciation and uses) and more recently Japanese words have come to use English loanwords. Japanese has many dialects but standard Japanese has become prevalent nationwide due to mass media and education.
Hello: Konnichiwa
Thank you very much: Arigatougozaimasu
You’re welcome: Douitashimashite
Tasty: Oishii
My name is xx: Watashi no namae wa xx

Japan has many cultural events throughout the year. Some examples include the new years celebration called “Oshougatsu” that is celebrated by the gathering of family, “Hinamatsuri” which prays for the health and growth of the children (but known to be an event for girls, the same event for boys is called “Tango no sekku”), and the watching of the moon or cherry blossom with friends known as “tsukimi” and “hanami” respectively. Traditions for these events differ from region to region but throughout the nation the traditions are respected whilst at the same time adapting to the changing society. More recently, Japanese subculture have become a trend both within Japan and worldwide. Japanese animation such as Ghibli and mangas such as Dragonball and One Piece have garnered much popularity overseas with the rise of the internet and mass media.




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