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Spinning IDEAs for Sticky Presentation

Make a Sticky Presentation, Comparison of Good and Bad examples, infographics, make word short but remains Focus, Clear and Simple Messy and small tables/figures

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Course Content

Brief Content: 
 Spinning Ideas – How to make a Sticky Presentation. 
 Slide Design – Comparison of Good and Bad examples. 
 Infographics – How to use and lay the zones. 
 All words are important => How to make it short but remains Focus, Clear and Simple 
 Messy and small tables/figures => How to change it as Exciting and Lively. 
 Many more techniques such as contrast, framing, callout, timeline, diagram

Output of the course

fiber_manual_recordSay Goodbye to Old Style Slides Full by Letters

fiber_manual_recordMake Slides Beautiful & Focus, Make You More

fiber_manual_recordGood Ideas, Better Slides helps Sticky Presentation and Memorable

Meet the instructor

Dr. Phanhpakit

Deputy Director, LJI


5 days (15 hours)


3 hours per day

Class time:

Monday - Friday (17:30 - 20:30 PM)


Laos-Japan Institute


Interested individual




700,000 Kip/Person

For further information please contact Business Course Division


030 5841519