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What type of courses/programs are offered at LJI?

LJI offers the following opportunities: Practical Business courses Tailor-made/Customized courses MBA program Japanese language courses (Normal weekday or weekend course, short-term course, and special course)

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Is there an age restriction for admission to the LJI courses/programs?

Practical Business courses: No age requirement 
Tailor-made/Customized courses: No age requirement 
MBA program: No age requirement but some qualifications are necessary. 
Japanese Language courses: Must be in high school or ages 15 and older.


What is the tuition of the courses/programs at LJI?

Tuition differs for each of the courses/program 
Practical Business courses: 2 days; 400,000 Kip, 5 days; 700,000 Kip, 10 days; 850,000 Kip 
Tailor-made course: 5,000,000 Kip/day (6 hours)
Customized course: 
If the participants are 5 or less 1-2 days; 600 000 Kip/day, after 3rd day; 500 000 Kip/day 
If the participants are 6 or more 1-2 days; 800 000 Kip/day; after 3rd day; 700 000 Kip/day 
MBA program: 28 600 000 Kip, application form fee is 50, 000 Kip 
Japanese Language courses: Normal weekday classes 450 000 Kip, Normal weekend classes 390 000 Kip

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Are foreign students eligible to apply for LJI courses/programs?

Foreign students are eligible to apply to all of the courses/programs of LJI if they can speak and understand the language that the class is taught in.

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When are the closing dates of applications for the courses/programs?

For the Japanese Language courses, the Practical Business courses, and the Tailor-made courses, application deadlines will be announced on the Facebook page (LJI: Laos-Japan Institute) and/or on the newspaper. For the Customized courses, they are case specific so please call the LJI office for more information. 
The MBA program takes applications until the end of June. For information on applying for the MBA program in the following year please call our office.

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What major facilities are available at LJI?

At LJI, the library and restaurant are open to the general public. Other facilities such as seminar rooms are listed in facilities under the About Us dropdown menu. For more information and pricing of the facilities and equipment for rent please look at Other services - facilities.

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What are the academic qualifications for these courses/programs?

Practical Business courses: No qualifications necessary 
Tailor-made/Customized courses: No qualifications necessary 
MBA program: The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field, at least two years of work experience, a sufficient level of English proficiency, and applicants who have basic knowledge in business administration or economics will be given the first propriety. Fresh graduate from a bachelor’s program in business administration or economics with an outstanding academic record may be considered. 
Japanese Language courses: No qualifications are necessary for the pre-beginner’s course (b0) but basic Japanese such as writing and reading the alphabet is necessary for students to start in level b1

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What is the duration of the courses/programs offered by LJI?

Practical Business courses: The courses differ in topic and length, some courses run for 30 days while others run for 2 days. For details on the length of the course please contact the business Division of LJI at (030) 5210749 or visit the Facebook page. 
Tailor-made/Customized courses: Duration differs with course. 
MBA program: This program is for two years, with evening lectures from 17:30 to 20:45 on Monday through Friday. 
Japanese Language courses: The Normal Japanese course is divided into two options. Option one is the weekday course held three times a week. The second option is the weekend course which is held twice a week. Each session is 2 hours long, for a period of 4.5 months or 18 weeks. During the year, there are two semesters and the courses run from September to January or March to July.

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