Business Start-Up  Support Program


The government of Lao PDR is committed to bringing the country out of the United Nations’ list of least developed countries by 2020 and to achieve sustainable development with an upper-middle income level by 2030 amid increasing opportunities and threats imbedded in the increasing internationalization process. Since the late 1990s, the Lao PDR has spent tremendous efforts on integrating itself into ASEAN and has increased bilateral cooperation with many countries in the world, and the country has achieved sustained economic growth. Small and medium enterprises (SME) have played a significant role in sustainable economic growth, accounting for 99.8 percent of the total enterprise number in the country. The Lao Government has also developed policies to support SME development. Six major policy elements have been created for SME development: (1) Creating an Enabling Regulatory and administrative Environment; (2) Enhancing Competitiveness; (3) Expanding Domestic and International Markets; (4) Improving Access to Finance; (5) Encouraging and Creating Favorable Conditions for Establishment of Business Organizations; and (6) Encouraging Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Characteristics within Society.

Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute, part of the National University of Laos with technical supports of JICA plays an important role in developing human resources in business management and Japanese language for supporting private sector development and promoting Japanese investment in Lao PDR as well as functioning as a platform for cultural and academic exchanges between Lao and Japanese people. So far more 5000 participants successfully completed LJI’s business management training program, and a number of them have been successful in improving their enterprises and employment.

With the above mentioned performance record, LJI is capable and prepared to support capacity building for persons interested in starting up enterprises and fulfilling SME promotion policies of the Lao government, particularly the policies of encouraging entrepreneurial attitudes and characteristics and enhancing SME competitiveness by carrying out a business start-up support program.

Objectives of this program

This Business Start-Up Support Program is aimed at cultivating entrepreneurial characteristics among young people through providing practical training, advice and guidance to the participants. Successful completers of this program will be able to prepare a comprehensive business plan which can be turned into a real business within two years.


Operation of this program will consist of lectures, business seminars, company visits, and business development consultation.

Target and expected number of participants:

This course is aimed at people who have strong willingness to establish enterprises. The number of participants per class is 15-20 persons.

Tuition Fee:

US$500 per person

Note: Each successful applicant will receive a scholarship of US$200 from Japan Entrepreneurs Association as partial payment of his/her tuition.

List of subjects in the program:

start up schedule 2018

Business Plan Competition:

To support Lao entrepreneurs in writing business plan, Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute will organise the Business Plan Contest as following:

radio_button_checkedBusiness Plan and presentation are in English. 

radio_button_checkedThe Structure of Business plan should include the following content: 

filter_1 Corporate Philosophy 

filter_1 Positioning/Differentiation (4Cs, X-Y axis, Value)

filter_1 Information Gathering

filter_1 Analysis (SWOT)  

filter_1 Strategy and 6W2H

filter_1 Operations

filter_1                 CSFs

filter_1                 Business Flow

filter_1                 Organization

filter_1                 Assumptions

filter_1                 Financial Appraisal

The winner of business plan contest will receive Prize of US$5000 from Japan Entrepreneurs Association.