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Two winners of the 13th Honda Young Engineer and Scientist Award (Honda Y-E-S Award) 2020 in Laos were announced last week after judges assessed the contest finalists.

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The winners were named as Mr. Daophainh Chanthavong and Mr. Prisa Senduangdeth from the National University of Laos (NUOL)

Each winner received US$3000 along with a medal and scholarship certificate from Honda Foundation, presented by NUOL President, Prof. Dr. Somsy Gnophanxay.

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The ceremony was attended by the Director of the Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute (LJI), Assoc. Prof. Bounlouane Douangngeuene, Minister of DCM of the Japanese Embassy to Laos, and officials from the Ministry of Education and Sports.

This year last number of students from the faculties of Engineering, Water Resources, and Natural Sciences entered the contest.

All Honda Y-E-S Award winners will join the Honda Y-E-S awardees Network, a domestic network for information exchange.

The program is designed to encourage university students in science and engineering who have brilliant academic records to help Laos achieve a balanced advancement if science and technology through young leaders.

The Honda Y-E-S Award program aims to strengthen Japanese ties with Laos through the provision of financial aid to young Lao researchers and engineers and is part of efforts to create a more environmentally balanced development of industry and a modern, science-based society.

The awards are also intended to encourage young Lao researchers and engineers to undertake specialized studies in eco-technology, as well as providing an opportunity to obtain a higher professional education in Japan.

The Honda Y-E-S Award is an initiative of the Honda Foundation to give recognition and to encourage engineers from developing countries to pursue research in the field of eco-technology.

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