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思修館学生は、ラオスにおける、健康意識、水質、栄養について、調査を行いました。85%の回答者が奇妙な色/味の水を経験していたこと、また、41%の回答者が、最寄りの病院まで5 km 以上離れたところに住んでいること、などが明らかとなりました。






コロナが拡大した2020年、あきらめかけていた国際的取り組みに、オンラインだからこそ繋がることのできた多くの方々の協力を得ることができました。 ラオス・日本間で新たな国際交流と教育の形を見出すことができたのではないでしょうか。


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Cooperating with GSAIS (Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in human survivability) in Kyoto University, we, LJI&GSAIS working group, conducted the online survey about healthcare, access to higher education, and sexual minority in Laos from June to September in 2020.

LJI students studying Japanese participated in online get-togethers and workshops (3 times) and provided some feedback to the online questionnaire and had the online interviews.

Here, we summarised the result of each topic:

  • Healthcare issues in Laos: GSAIS students focused on health literacy, water quality, and nutrition in Laos. They found that 85% of respondents had experienced strange water taste or color, and the distance to the closest hospital was less than 5 km for 41% of the respondents.
  • Higher education access in Laos: Their purpose of survey was to understand how socio-economic background of Laotian students, especially whether awarding scholarships, affected access to higher education. They showed that two thirds of scholarship recipients were low to middle income households and 93% of scholarship recipients thought it was decisive to perform study activities.
  • Sexual & gender minority in Laos: They aimed to understand the situation of sexual & gender minorities in Laos. Their results revealed that teenagers tended to be supportive for the gender minority and 51% of respondents answered that men were highly or more privileged than women.

On September 25, the final report session of the survey results was held at GSAIS. Dr. Bounlouane, Director of LJI, and Mr. Oshikiri, Senior Representative of JICA Laos Office, kindly participated in it and provided some comments for further collaboration in the future. With the expansion of COVID-19, international activities have been limited. However, kindly our supporters who might not have met without online communication helped students' activities.

Under the challenging situation, this opportunity has created a new form of education and international cooperation between Laos and Japan.

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