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1st Joint Coordination Committee Meeting on the 5th Phase NUOL-JICA Cooperation for The Project for Capacity Development of Business Professionals and Networking through Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute.
Opening speech and Chairperson by Prof. Dr. Somsy Gnophanxay, NUOL President. Co-chairperson by Mr. Yoshiharu Yoneyama, Chief Representative JICA Laos office.
Director of LJI reported "performance of LJI during September 2019 through June 2020 in six areas such as background of LJI and activities conducted by five divisions of LJI, In spite outbreak of COVID-19, LJI could carried out most of the activities in the plan with some adjusted timing and methodology (online teaching), Renovation work, contacts with Thai institutions for cooperation from October 2020 have to be completed, LJI has been approached by various companies and organizations for tailor made training; we need to manage such training demand carefully in order to build trust among target organizations, LJI needs to approach donor agencies seeking donor-support training programs for government sector, LJI management team wish to make LJI a learning center on management by Lao private sector and public sector, and a hub for cultural/academic exchange between Lao and Japanese people and networking point between Lao and Japanese companies, In that way, LJI can grow along society’s expansion".