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The 4th Retreat meeting of Lao-Japan Human Resource Development Institute was held on June 7-9, 2019 at Nam Theun hydropower 2, Nakai, Khammuan Province. Honor President of the Conference by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Houngphet Chanthavong, Vice President of the National University. Under the theme of "Towards meeting new LJI vision: LJI grows along with society expansion".
During the conference, there were discussions and achievements that each division could take in the past one year to show that your division has grown along with society’s expansion, identifying the strengths and opportunities that each department will promote and use to contribute more to society. In addition to the meeting, Nam Theun welcomed the warming team with advice on things that the company has been working on, visiting the power plant, drainage bar from dams at various points.
On the evening of June 8, 2019, the football friendly match between the LJI staff and the Nam Theun team to strengthen the relationship. During the journey with the crew, we worshiped the Blessed at Sikhodtabong temple a sacred place in the town of Khammouan.