Japan Foundation's work @LJI

The Japan Foundation is a specialized organization involved in all aspects of international culture exchange. We create people-to-people exchanges, by carrying out culture projects and providing information to deepen understanding Japan and the people of the world.


1972 Established as a special legal entity supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affaire 
2003 Reorganized as an independent administrative institution


Budget: ¥ 19.79 billion (FY2014) 
Number of directors and employees: 230 (as of July 2014)


Japan: Tokyo Headquarters, Kyoto Office 
2 Japanese – language institutes (Japanese –language institute, Urawa and Japanese – Language Institute, Kansai) 
Oversea: 22 Offices in 21 Countries



In subjects ranging from traditional art to contemporary arts to contemporary art, lifestyle basics such as food, clothing and shelter values, and societal value, we introduce Japan’s diverse , rich culture and art to people around the world through various forms of various of performances, exhibitions, films, television, publishing, lectures and workshop. In addition, we aim to consider shared global problems such as disaster recovery, the environment and peace –building with people across the globe, thus creating a place to deepen mutual understanding

In order to build a solid foundation for Japanese –language education a broad, we developed and implement the JF standard for Japanese –language education , we offer JF language course in 30 oversea locations, provide online education tools and administer Japanese Language proficiency tests. In addition , we support Japanese –language education considering the needs of each country and region for example , we dispatch specialists, invite teacher, government official etc…. to Japan for training and provide Japanese –language education for EPA nurse and care worker candidates.

Aiming for better understanding of Japan among other countries and regions, we support researchers and institutions studying Japan and promote networking among them. In addition, we create opportunities for cross culture dialogue and joint research, such as seminars symposia and other events that cover critical global issues and shared concerns. The programs are also designed to fortify sending out Japan’s message to the world and develop future leader who will play important roles in international cultural exchange. Japan ‘s new for culture exchange in Asia , “ WA Project ~ toward interactive Asia “ was announced at the ASEAN- JAPAN Commemorative Summit Meeting held in Tokyo in December , 2013. The Asia Center was established within the Japan Foundation based on this policy, looking ahead to the year of 2020, in which Tokyo will host Olympics and Paralympics. We will plan and produce a concentrated series of opportunities for exchange and cooperation, aiming to nurture a sense of empathy and co-existence as neighbor within the people of Asia.

With the aim to increase opportunities for direct interaction among wide range of people in Asia to better understand one another and raise interest in learning Japanese-language, we plan to dispatch individuals (e.g students and senior citizens) as “ NIHONGO Partner ” to ASEAN countries. They will be stationed in middle school and other educational institutions and will serve as assistants to local teacher of Japanese –language ( we plan to dispatch approximately 3,000 people by 2020)

In various fields such as performing arts, fine arts, films, sports, academics, literary publishing and protection of cultural heritages, we aim to work together the range of exchange within Asia to develop individual in the field of culture and build “ soft infrastructures” for culture exchange. While implementing exchange among Asia citizens, we will strengthen networks among culture leader such as artist specialist and intellectuals to promote collaborative work and generate new culture initiatives.